Power BI Dashboard - Productivity

Price: $10

Duration: 2 Hours

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Power BI Productivity Dashboard

Power BI - Mastering Your Productivity in 2017 Dashboard.

This course was created to show users how to create the amazing Power BI Productivity Dashboard. The Power BI Productivity Dashboard was (at the time that the course was created), the number one featured report on the Power BI Data Stories Gallery.The survey was conducted by Levo and the original report was created by Microsoft.

Who should take this course?

Anyone who wants to learn how to create a Productivity Dashboard in Power BI.

You should know the basics, such as how to "Get Data", and how to do the basic navigation in Power BI.

Power BI Mastering Productivity Dashboard Power BI

Create the Power BI Productivity Dashboard:

  1. Conduct a Productivity Survey for your business.
  2. Analyse the Productivity Data in Power BI.
  3. Gain great insights in the data.
  4. Advise where productivity should be improved in your business.
  5. Build this Powerful Power BI Productivity Dashboard from start to finish.
  6. Publish and share the Productivity Report with users.
  • Learn how to use Calculated Columns and Measures
  • Learn various DAX Functions and Formulas
  • Use interesting Custom Visuals such as the Enlighten Bubble Stack, The Enlighten Slicer and the Card with States visual.
  • Create various What - IF scenario's.

Your colleagues will absolutely LOVE  this Power BI Productivity Dashboard.


Click Here for Access to the Power BI Productivity Dashboard Course